IQ8 is Industrial grade UAV for Industrial applications, It is small category
Multirotor UAV providing flight time of upto 45mins and payload carrying
capacity of upto 1750gms .

GIS Survey, Inspection, Surveillance, Multi-Spectral Imaging.


  • Quick Deploy.
  • Tool-less Assembly &
  • Disassembly.
  • Easy portability.
  • Composite shell & Aerospace
    grade aluminum.
  • PPK & RTK*
  • 3 axis swappable gimbal*
  • Terrain follow*
  • Front obstacle avoidance*
  • Front person view*


IQ8 is Industrial grade UAV for Industrial applications​



eagle eye drones

RPA Details

  • Small Quadcopter.
  • RPA weight without Battery & Payload: 2.9 Kg
  • Maximum
    takeoff Weight: 7 Kg
  • RPA (mm) (lbh)
    dimensions: 65X65X45 cm
  • RPA size after folding and removing
    landing gear: 47X35X21 cm
  • Payload capacity: up to 2.5kg
  • Foldable Arms Detachable Landing Gears


Power Plant Details

  • Motor : BLDC No of Motors: 4 Battery
  • capacity: 16ah / 22ah / 25ah (6s)
  • Propellers details: 16 or17 inch foldable prop

Equipment Details

  • GNSS : 1 Gps, 1 Multiband GPS(1 Multi band L1, L2, L5)
  • Anti-collision strobe light Flight controller with flight data logging capability & Barometric Equipment


Payload Compatibility

  • Upto 1750gms 
  • Camera specifications: 24mp APSC CMOS sensor 3Axis Gimbal is compatible with industry standard cameras.
  • 2axis Downward facing gimbal for mapping only LIDAR LIDAR + Camera Multispectral Thermal camera


Remote Pilot Station

  • Ground control stations: Mission Planner /QGCS


C2 Link

  • Range of communication : 5Km + (LOS)


Performance Details

  • Max Endurance: upto 45mins
  • Max Range: 5km Cruise Speed: 10m/s Area
  • Coverage: Upto 1.5 sq Km Operation
  • Altitude: upto 120m (default) can be unlocked upto 1000m
  • Operation Envelope : VLOS (BVLOS capable)


Safety Features

  • FPV (Night & Day Vision).
  • Optical flow (Horizontal positioning redundancy).
  • Front obstacle avoidance and Altitude range sensor (Terrain follow)100m Range.
  • Dual Power redundancy for autopilot.
  • ROHS Soldering.
  • Dual GPS.
  • Power Train IP45.


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