Power Core Board X6T - V1.3

The Power-Core series was developed in response to the increasing power demand of bigger UAV-s together with the new Pixhawk 2.1. The installed equipment, such as heated IMU’s, optical flow sensors, OSD, dual GPS, telemetry, companion computers, gimbal, camera, landing gear, parachute, digital servos, LED-s, Raspberry Pi 3, Lidar require additional and more reliable and robust power supply.

With all or some of this equipment the standard power modules are over-loaded or operating at their upper limits, which means there is a big risk of failure and overheating of the system.

This new series takes care of all the on-board equipment. Each output is rated for continuous current of 5A with (current cut-off at 8A). The design is based on the high voltage step-down DC/DC

controller optimized for automotive and industrial applications from Linear Technology without any cost cut and further improved component selection, such as oversized FET’s, Diode, capacitors  etc.


Key Features


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