X6 drone Specialization

Sl.No Specializations Details
1 Manufacturer & Serial number EagleEye Drones Pvt. Ltd. & Unique serial number
2 NPNT Compliance Can be made compliable when digital sky is operational.
3 RPA Type Quad rotor semi autonomous & manual.
4 RPA Category Multirotor, Small class
5 MTOW 3.1Kg
6 Wheel Base 600mm
7 Power train Rugged BLDC motor & Brushless speed controller
8 Drone RC 2.4 GHz & ETA approved RC and receiver
9 Range 500 meters
10 Altitude 400 feet AGL
11 Training Envelope 400 feet AGL & 500 mts LOS
12 Drone RC 30mins

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X6 drone Features

Sl.No Features Details
1 Dual Redundancy Power supply for autopilot.
2 Triple Redundant Sensors. Triple redundant IMU’s.
3 LED strobe lights for orientation.
4 Battery failsafe & Alarm At low battery drone automatically comes to home location and lands
5 RC failsafe If the connection between RC and drone is lost, Drone comes to home location and lands.
6 Low CG design CG location of the drone is very low, thus tendency for toppling of the drone is very less.
7 Modes Loiter, Altitude hold, RTH, stabalize.
8 Auto takeoff and Auto Land can be configured
9 Flight envelope Can be configured as required
10 Trainer RC Wireless or wired trainer Rc can be made (additional RC required)