These advanced drones can be used be used day and night to survey the various railway assets and to even reach corners that might be difficult or even impossible for humans


Our drones also help farmers in assessing their plot and by that help them plan out the crop plantation area and also map the areas that needs improvement.


Our drones have high resolution day/night cameras that help you get a 3D view of the different terrains and also ease the work of engineers by providing an in-depth analysis of the situation.

Industrial Asset Inspection

It can be very difficult to assess and analyse industries that are kms in size. Our drones provide you information and quick analysis of the present situation which let you know the areas of defects very easily


Our drones can be sent to highly toxic places intoxicated with harmful components with ease. You no longer have to risk any humans to analyze a given place; instead, our highly modified drones can do this with ease.

Drone Training schools/ RPTO

Our Drones drones can be used in RPTO (Remote pilot training schools) for training drone pilots.

Why choose us!

  • Our Drones are extensively analysed and tuned for meeting the industry needs.
  • Our motors are carefully selected such that it can handle wind upto 35km/hr conditions with ease.
  • Our Power systems are configured such that it is always running at lower load.
  • We have provided dual redundancy power for the autopilot. To ensure the safety of the UAV.
    We use aerospace grade aluminum.
  • Our UAV has Low CG, so it can land in uneven terrain with very low risk of Toppling.
  • We have dual redundancy Navigation system, Which increases the safety of UAS operations significantly

Reliable Service, Guaranteed.