About Us

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EagleEye Drones Leading the Way in Industrial Drone Technology

EagleEye Drones is a leading manufacturer of high-quality drones. Currently we have products designed for Remote Pilot Training Organizations (RPTO’s) and the surveying industry. Our company was founded in 2018, and since then, we have been committed to providing the best training and surveying drones in the market.

We take pride in our expertise in the design, manufacturing, and supply of specialised training drones for RPTO’s. Our training drones are designed to provide trainees with an unparalleled experience that enhances their piloting skills and prepares them for real-life scenarios.

At EagleEye Drones, we understand the importance of precision and accuracy in surveying. That’s why we specialise in producing surveying drones that are specifically designed to provide precise data collection. Our surveying drones are equipped with the latest technology and software, ensuring reliable and accurate results every time.

Our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, and we aim to provide exceptional customer service to all our clients. With our expertise in RPTO training drones and surveying drones, we are confident that we can provide the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

Why Choose EagleEye Drones?

we believe that our product and solution can empower you to achieve your objectives and aspirations to make this world a better place.

Our Vision And Mission

Our Vision is to create great products and solutions that makes this world a better place by following sustainable and circular economy practices.

To help organisations and industries to accelerate their project workflow by providing Reliable UAS Products and solutions.

Our current mission is to provide reliable UAS products for Training and survey industry.

We apply the highest quality resources, reliable standards and best in class
dedicated team.


Sumogh gs

In 2018, fueled by an unwavering passion for drones and an unyielding commitment to innovation, Sumogh, a talented aeronautical engineer, embarked on an extraordinary journey that would redefine the world of unmanned aerial vehicles. With a vision to create cutting-edge solutions, Sumogh fearlessly founded EagleEye Drones, a pioneering company dedicated to surveying and training drones.